Sustainability atOlympiastadion Berlin

  • Principles and sustainability management plan

    1. Principles

    Olympiastadion Berlin, recognised by UEFA with the Elite 5 Star stadium award, sets standards on the national and international stadium scene.

    It is a unique symbiosis of a multifunctional event location and historical monument.

    As an internationally famous stadium it is the venue for regular world-class top sporting and cultural events.
    It is a tourist attraction for guests from Germany and abroad.
    We, the Olympiastadion Berlin GmbH employees, run this stadium with commitment, passion, enthusiasm and emotion.

    Our principles are the important foundation for our corporate activities. They communicate our strengths and self-image, are our motivation, provide guidance and are the framework for interacting with each other respectfully and fairly, both internally and with our business partners.

    As a place packed with emotions, we contribute to collectively experienced excitement, fairness and intercultural, international understanding.

    We are a reliable, professional and efficient partner to our business partners, service providers, customers and guests. Maximum customer satisfaction and long-term partnerships are extremely important to us.

    We treat our colleagues, guests, customers, partners and service providers impartially, courteously, helpfully, fairly, tolerantly and respectfully.

    The sporting, cultural and architectural history of Olympiastadion Berlin is extremely important to us. We have a sense of duty to society and make an important contribution to education and integration.

    It is very important to us to support, develop and promote our employees. We give them plenty of scope to have ideas and take on responsibility and strive to achieve first-class work and results.
    Our working atmosphere is characterised by enthusiasm, passion, best practice and mutual cooperation. Our employees are the foundation for success at Olympiastadion Berlin.

    We face the challenges of the future and stand for progress and innovation.

    1.1 Sustainability

    Olympiastadion Berlin GmbH has set itself the goal of firmly anchoring sustainability within the company.

    Sustainability should equally be the principle for our ecological, economic and social responsibility in business practice.

    1.2 Goals

    Our everyday work pursues the goals of conducting business in an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable way and using our resources responsibly, sustainably and sparingly.

    It goes without saying that we comply with current legislation.

    Our compliance policy provides us with an additional framework to conduct business responsibly. At the same time, we always place importance on transparent internal and external communication.

    1.3 Ecologically sound business

    We use environmentally-friendly technologies and measures that conserve resources. We optimise the consumption of all resources at Olympiastadion Berlin and are committed to regularly identifying more potential for savings and therefore protecting the environment.

    We provide our employees, customers and service providers with guidelines and recommendations to also contribute to improving the ecological footprint and conservation of resources.

    1.4 Economically sound business

    We conduct business using a long-term, flexible, trustworthy, responsible, collaborative approach and always strive to further develop and expand our business.

    Our resource-saving practice contributes significantly to us achieving and improving on our economic targets. Fair play goes without saying for us.

    1.5 Socially sound business

    We contribute to education and integration with our business and offers. With invitations to tender for products and services we are committed to statutory social standards for the manufacturing of products and provision of services.

    We urge our partners to also implement our principles at their own company. Our employees are supported and encouraged by us as a family-friendly employer. Cooperative and collaborative conduct goes without saying for us.

    We want to communicate our business practice policies, values and goals with our principles. Our claim is to follow our principles in our everyday work.

    Our principles should be clear for our business partners and employees to see, become practice implemented by everyone and therefore contribute to the achievement of both personal and common sustainability goals.

    1. Sustainability management plan

    As a state-owned company and in its role as a beacon of excellence in the national and international events industry, Olympiastadion Berlin GmbH is committed to implementing sustainability, consciously applying it and consistently developing it further in all business areas.

    Olympiastadion Berlin was awarded 1st place in the Energy Management / Resource Conservation category for the Meeting Experts Green Award by GCB German Convention Bureau e.V. and Europäischer Verband der Veranstaltungs-Centren e.V. (EVVC) in 2015. Olympiastadion Berlin has therefore been commended for its effective and efficient energy management.

    The following sustainability plan has been put together to analyse all the other areas with regard to their sustainability. The sustainability management plan documents the action already taken and formulates the individual targets.
    The evaluation and monitoring of objectives are just as important. The “Green Globe” standards were also introduced as an additional tool as part of the 2017 / 2018 certification.

    Another significant component is to prepare an annual sustainability report on the basis of the German Sustainability Code (DNK), which communicates the sustainability management plan internally and externally.

    The sustainability management plan is broken down into the following areas:

    2.1 Ecological sustainability
    2.2 Economic sustainability
    2.3 Social sustainability

    2.1 Ecological sustainability

    Action already taken

    Implementing various technical measures to conserve resources and protect the environment:


    • Using a cistern and building a fountain
    • Adapting the urinal flushing times and retrofitting waterless urinals in heavily frequented areas
    • Reducing the flow volumes at flush valves


    • Adapting the night setback and using heating return for the turf heating
    • Area and time-related remote controlled heating and ventilation (BMS)


    • Using 100% “green” electricity as part of a framework supply contract with the State of Berlin
    • Installing a light control computer
    • Using motion sensors for lighting control
    • Reducing the transformer voltage
    • Installing LED bulbs and other innovative technologies (e.g. absorption chiller)
    • Modifying technical equipment to reduce operating times (LED walls, roof lighting, transformer exhaust air)

    Using sustainable transport

    • Bikes
    • E-cars
    • E-golf cars and e-scooters in Olympiastadion’s stadium grounds
    • Electric charging stations for guests in the stadium’s underground car parks
    • Promoting links between public transport and event tickets

    Obligating service providers to use resources sparingly in relevant agreements and invitations to tender

    Introducing a “Green Team” to monitor the planned and implemented measures

    Using environmentally-friendly raw materials

    • Paper towels (recycled paper)
    • Cleaning products (Blauer Engel)
    • Toilet paper (recycled paper)
    • Printer paper/correspondence paper (EU Ecolabel)

    Targets / planned action

    • A climate-neutral Olympiastadion Berlin by 2020
    • To continuously lower energy consumption and conserve resources

    To use renewable energies in cooperation with other partners

    • Photovoltaics
    • Geothermal energy

    To install innovative technologies

    • To use a combined heat and power plant
    • Heat recovery for ventilation systems

    To identify more potential to save energy

    • To prepare an energy efficiency report

    To prepare a CO2 footprint for Olympiastadion Berlin and individual events

    To train / appoint a sustainability officer

    To cooperate with regional suppliers and service providers

    • E.g. with merchandising articles

    To assemble more bike stands for our guests in the area around Olympiastadion Berlin

    To identify and support nature conservation projects in the region

    To attach information signs and tips in the WC areas on the topic “Help save water”

    2.2 Economic sustainability

    Action already taken

    Dealing with customers / organisers openly, transparently and responsibly (collaborative fair play)

    Business practice that conserves resources

    • Electricity, water, heat, paper, etc.

    Fostering long-term partnerships over many years (Hertha BSC, DFB, Pyronale, ISTAF)

    Introducing the signature policy and dual control principle

    Introducing a compliance agreement

    Conducting feasibility studies / detailed planning before carrying out building projects

    • To install a photovoltaic system
    • To convert the access control technology

    The refinancing potential of ecological projects is accurately determined. The projects must pay off within 3-5 years.

    Targets / planned action

    To extend the lease and operating agreement between Olympiastadion Berlin GmbH and the State of Berlin until 2025 and beyond

    To develop other business areas / to acquire more events

    • EURO 2024
    • Lollapalozza
    • Open day
    • Newsletter
    • To create a Special & Business department presentation
    • To provide a Special & Business event catalogue

    To further develop the status as a 5 Star stadium into an attraction for customers / organisers
    To install new LED walls

    • To modernise the sound system
    • To expand the number of disabled toilets
    • To offer sustainable events (joint concept development with customers)

    2.3 Social sustainability

    Action already taken


    • Statement against racism and discrimination (house rules)
    • Providing an ecumenical chapel

    Respect and openness towards other ethnic and cultural groups/communities in our society with events already held

    • Jehovah’s Witnesses congresses
    • Papal Mass
    • World Culture Festival
    • Polling station for the Republic of Turkey’s presidential election

    Successful inclusion means belonging – making a visit to the stadium possible for all visitors

    • Using an auditive system (for the visually impaired)
    • Providing spaces for wheelchair users (accessibility) – IAKS All Time Award 2015
    • Accessible parking spaces
    • Adapted signage system

    Supporting socially disadvantaged people

    • Lernzentrum @ Hertha BSC fan project
    • Springboard for the future in cooperation with Deutsche Sporthilfe
    • Passing on equipment that is no longer required (monitors, substitute benches) to non-profit organisations (youth clubs, sports clubs)

    Promoting our employees’ health through regular health checks and offering health programmes

    • Regularly checking the work places (ergonomics) and working environment
    • Offering eye tests (workstations at monitors) and lung tests
    • Offering free drinks
    • Corporate sports programme

    Further training
    Further training opportunities for employees for personal development and to strengthen the team’s skills

    Work/life balance
    Team building measures so employees identify strongly with the company and feel part of a team

    • Flexible working hours model / days in lieu
    • Part-time work / break regulation
    • Using the Internet during breaks
    • Taking part in major events
    • Company trips combined with networking with other stadiums
    • Annual barbecue party

    Recognised Chamber of Industry and Commerce training company for various qualifications

    Creating a women’s promotion plan and appointing a women’s officer

    Appointing an equal opportunities officer

    Leasing rooms for a child daycare facility, including a warm-up hall and other stadium areas to promote sport in childhood

    Targets / action

    To further develop, expand and promote social projects

    • KITAJADE (to continue the event series)
    • To introduce an ideas box/discussion group among employees
    • Open day for people with disabilities

    To conduct employee reviews/appraisals in the following areas

    • Performance
    • Career planning
    • Targets and ambitions
    • Necessary training

    To look into public transport season tickets for employees

    To include disability workshops for specific work

    • Grounds maintenance outdoors
    • Buying goods according to what the workshops offer