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  • What is allowed, what is not allowed

    The following items are permitted on the stadium grounds:

    – Walkers

    The following items are not permitted on the stadium grounds:

    – professional cameras and equipment, reflex cameras, zoom lens cameras

    – tripods

    – food or drinks of any kind

    – video cameras / audio recording devices

    – folding or camping chairs, stools

    – glass or cans

    – picnic boxes, coolers, bulky objects

    – strollers

    – animals

    – weapons of any kind

    – fireworks

    – hairspray, spray paint

    The current house rules of the Olympiastadion Berlin GmbH apply.

  • Press accreditation

    Accreditations are only available through the Hertha BSC Berlin press office.

    Please send a fax to Ms. Grubert at (+49) (0) 30 300 928 94 noting the name of your communication medium, the exact date or game you wish to attend as well as the areas that you wish to be granted access to (press stand, press conference room, stadium infield, mixed-zone). Your inquiry will be dealt with immediately. Please also include your contact information for potential further inquiries and copies of your press card.

    If there are further questions please contact Anne Gruber via mail anne.grubert(at)herthabsc(dot)de , phone + 49 (0)30/30092830.