Lollapalooza Berlin

September 07th & September 08th, 2024

With its international character, it’s a unique festival for everyone that has been in Berlin for over five years. It’s known for its wide range of musical genres and brought up legendary international acts like The Weekend, Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, Foo Fighters, and Kings Of Leon. In addition, many top-class domestic artists like SEEED, Paul Kalkbrenner, Nura, Cro, Casper, and Marteria performed at Lollapalooza Berlin in the past years.

Next to the outstanding music program, Lollapalooza Berlin is also known for its fascinating world of art, fashion, sustainability, and adventure, which invites all visitors* to marvel and participate. From glittering festival trends and clothing flea markets to water ballet and whimsical carnies, to the green oasis of sustainability – the Arts & Areas “Fashionpalooza”, “Grüner Kiez”, “Aquapalooza” and “Lolla Fun Fair” have something to offer for everyone. And also, the smallest festival guests are catered for. With a colorful array of music and creative fun, the Kidzapalooza provides just the right festival environment for the little ones, too.

For more information please visit: https://www.lollapaloozade.com/en

Detailed FAQs can be found on the Lollapalooza Berlin website.

For security reasons, no bags larger than A4 size (about 21 x 30 cm) are allowed on the festival grounds. Bum bags, handbags, jute bags, or small backpacks smaller than A4 are welcome. There will be a bag inspection at the entrance. Bring only the most necessary things; let’s work together to minimize waiting times.

Please note that you cannot bring luggage or larger bags to the festival. Leave large bags at home or at the hotel. There is no place to check your luggage before entering the festival.

Families with kids tickets please use our family admission KIDS & FAMILY. You are allowed to bring one backpack or bag and one stroller per child. Due to the thorough controls, longer waiting times are possible there. We thank you for your understanding.

Feel free to bring the following with you:

  • bum bags, hip bags, jute bags, gym bags size A4 (21 x 30 cm), and smaller
  • one pram bag per child (only at the Family Entrance)
  • wellies and rain poncho
  • regular small-format cameras without a detachable lens
  • mobile phones
  • small power banks
  • binoculars
  • blankets
  • closed sunscreen up to 100ml
  • deodorant (no spray cans, only deodorant sticks or rolls in plastic packaging)
  • empty drinking bottles made out of aluminum or plastic and plastic water bags up to 1 liter, empty water bags size A4 and smaller, folding cups. (Our free drinking water stations will be indicated on the map)
  • Medication or medical equipment by appointment – Please, apply here before the festival: Barrierefreies Festival

Please leave the following at home:

  • backpacks, bags larger than size A4 (21 x 30 cm)
  • food and drink
  • professional camera and sound recording equipment, tripods, lenses, or other camera gear
  • GoPros, drones, and selfie sticks
  • glass containers (also perfume bottles), hard packaging
  • canisters, disposable or reusable bottles, PET plastic bottles (e.g. for soda, mineral water, etc.), Tetra Paks, cups, hydration packs, or bags larger than size A4
  • cans (including hairspray, deodorant, etc.)
  • CS gas, pepper spray, animal repellent sprays
  • flammable liquids, disinfectants
  • pyrotechnical items
  • chains, flagpoles, sticks, torches, banners
  • hammocks, tents, cane-type umbrellas
  • personal food – there will be sufficient culinary alternatives for allergy sufferers
  • cool boxes, other heavy containers
  • cartridge belts, weapons, or any dangerous objects (pointed, sharp, hot, etc.)
  • narcotics, drugs
  • radios, radio equipment
  • skateboards, scooters, bicycles – there is a separate area for these in front of the Entrance A
  • chairs or other furniture
  • leaflets, flyers, stickers, or similar
  • Sharpies, permanent markers
  • animals
  • masks that completely cover the face
  • props or parts of costumes that glorify violence (e.g. weapons)
  • clothing and banners with inhuman, homophobic, and/or right-wing extremist content

Any changes regarding the line-up will be published on the website of the Lollapalooza Berlin.

Das Line-up des Lollapalooza Berlin 2024.

Lollapalooza Berlin is a festival open to everyone equally. We strive to break down barriers and hurdles for visitors with all kinds of restrictions, not just on site, but also in terms of a shared festival experience.

Ticket purchasing
You need a ticket to come to Lollapalooza Berlin. If you are in possession of a severely handicapped ID with the mark “B”, “Bl” or “H”, you can register your accompanying person. Tickets for wheelchair users and people with severe disabilities plus accompanying persons are available from Ticketmaster Customer Service. You can reach them daily between 10 am and 6 pm by calling +49 (0)30 – 40818824.

You are welcome to address your wishes, needs and questions to the Lollapalooza Berlin team at barrierefrei@lollapaloozade.com. If you have any concerns that primarily concern the Olympiastadion Berlin, you can reach us at info@olympiastadion.berlin.

Are you from Berlin or a visitor of the city?
We would love if you would come by public transport or take the bike.

Further information regarding directions here.


Stadion Plan



Block A
Block B
Block C
Block D
Block E
Block F
Block G
Block H
Block S
Block T
Block J
Block K
Block L
Block M
Block N
Block O
Block P
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Block 38


Business Lounge F
Business Lounge E
Executive Club D
Stone Foyer
Hall of Fame
Marble Foyer
Business Lounge B Left
Business Lounge B Right
Business Lounge A
Lodges 30–45
Lodges Ehrentribüne 48–52
Lodges Ehrentribüne 53–57
Lodges 58–71
Cooking Club
Business Lounge M Right
Business Lounge M Left
Business Lounge O Right
Business Lounge O Left
Executive Club P
Lodges 1–15
Lodges 16–29

Partner & Patrons