The FIFA Women's World Cupbegins

The FIFA Women's World Cup begins

A Summer Fairy Tale 2011 – reloaded! Kick-off to the opening match of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011 is only a few hours away. Germany will face Team Canada at 6 p.m. at the Olympiastadion Berlin. Before the official start to the tournament, there is plenty to see and do around the stadium and on the Olympischer Platz, where several thousand fans have already gathered on a sunny Sunday afternoon to celebrate the start of the cup.

The Spielfreude Tour is also present on the Olympischer Platz before kick-off to the World Cup opener at the Olympiastadion Berlin. The Spielfreude („joy of playing“) Tour is a course of participation modules. This course stands for a generation-spanning World Cup experience and aims to make the World Cup motto “The beautiful side of 20Eleven” prehensile and make it come alive. The Spielfreude Tour travels throughout Germany for the FIFA Women’s World Cup during the tournament.

The upcoming match that will see German chancellor Angela Merkel and German president Christian Wulff in attendance is highly anticipated by fans, media and football experts. Just like the German team coached by Silvia Neid, Team Canada like their chances to claim a World Cup title.

“We look forward to the level of play, the tricks, and which players will become the faces of the World Cup or their respective countries. I am truly very excited and as a neutral host I can only say ‘May the best team win!'” said Steffi Jones, the president of the local organizing committee of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011 before the tournament