The smallestlargest concert

The smallest largest concert

Three young musicians’ performance in front of an audience of just ten fans at the Olympiastadion Berlin was the “smallest, largest concert” – and is worthy of consideration for a mention in the book of World Records. 

Adam Tan and his band could have easily attracted several hundred fans to their gig at the Olympiastadion. They have made a name for themselves in the Berlin music scene with the help of Berlin radio station StarFM. But the station wanted its listeners to experience something special during their “Roctober”-special. A club concert at a venue that is usually reserved for the world’s biggest Rock stars and filled with thousands of fans. Based upon these concerts, the idea for this most unusual concert was developed.

Only ten tickets were to be had, and these were distributed by a lottery held on the radio. The winners were able to visit the stadium before the concert and before the concert got started, Currywurst, beer, bbq and salad was served on the VIP Stand. Then, the floodlights came on and the musicians set foot on the stage. Where the football stars usually make their way onto the pitch, they ascended the stairs to the running track. The mics were set up just a few metres away from the spectators on the box seats.

Adam Tan immediately made a point to show that the concert would not just be the “smallest, largest” but also their most personal. Every song was preceeded or followed by a story, and the songs were played in the order that just came to mind. There was no stage show, because the seats that remained empty at the Olympiastadion Berlin were the show. There was only one question that remained unanswered that night: Which international Rock star would have had the guts to play in such a big stadium with an audience this small?!