10.000 participants in 2013"breakfast run"

10.000 participants in 2013 "breakfast run"

Traditionally, the “breakfast run” took place the day before the 40th Berlin Marathon, and 10,000 participants found their way from the Charlottenburg castle to the Olympiastadion Berlin on the six kilometer course in foggy conditions.

At 9:30 a.m., the weather was almost ideal for running – dry and not to hot or cold. The event started on time and 10,000 runners made their way to the Olympiastadion Berlin. The outer areas surrounding the stadium were a little moist from the fog that laid over the city, but the booths that would provide breakfast at the stadium were all set up.

The runners were not phased by the moisture though. They were all too busy to enjoy the feeling of finishing on the blue track inside the Olympiastadion Berlin. Many participants did not want to improve their personal best times for a six kilometer run, but instead walked onto the track rather than sprinting in order to cherish the moment for as long as possible.

While the runners finished on the northern side of the track, the southern areas were already being prepared for the Bundesliga match Hertha BSC would host just a few hours later against Mainz 05. Many sports fans were able to enjoy the Olympiastadion Berlin on a day with multiple events.