European Athletics Championships 2018at the Olympiastadion Berlin

European Athletics Championships 2018 at the Olympiastadion Berlin

1400 athletes from 50 different countries are expected to participate in the European championships. During the six days of international competitions, the Olympiastadion Berlin will take the center stage. The decision to grant Berlin with being the host of the games had caused great joy in the city and raised positive comments without exception.

“What a gift for Berlin and its Olympiastadion, we are very happy” was the first reaction of Joachim E. Thomas, CEO of the Olympiastadion Berlin. Furthermore, Frank Henkel, sport senator and chairman of the supervisory board of the operating company, was also happy about the decision made by the European Athletic Association: “The people of Berlin will create an intoxicating atmosphere along the running track. We shall be a dignified host.”

The general director of the German Olympic Sports Confederation, Michael Vesper, brings the „fantastic World Athletics Championship in 2009 with athletes and fans”, which was also held in the Olympiastadion Berlin, back to mind. Vesper is convinced that the people of Berlin will celebrate another big sporting event in 2018. Clemens Prokop, president of the German Olympic Sports Confederation guarantees for 2018 „European championships on the highest technical level with excellent framework conditions for the athletes”.