Hertha BSC: New presidential board electedKay Bernstein new president

Hertha BSC: New presidential board elected Kay Bernstein new president

On Sunday, June 26, 2022, Hertha BSC invited to the extraordinary general meeting. The reason for this: the by-election of the President, the by-election of the Deputy President and the by-election of the ordinary members of the Executive Committee.

Favorites for the position of the new President were Kay Bernstein and Frank Steffel. With 1,670 out of 3,150 votes, Bernstein prevailed in the first ballot against Steffel (1,280 votes) and Marvin Brumme (26 votes). “I would like to thank everyone for their trust and support. Our ‘Old Lady’ is in intensive care right now. We can only improve things and become healthy again from the inside – we can only achieve this together. Every single one of us is a brand ambassador for Hertha BSC and has to help us try and get back our blue-white soul. Thank you and Ha, Ho, He!” said the 41-year-old, who was given a loud round of applause after the vote. Bernstein is Werner Gegenbauer’s successor, who stepped down from the president role after 14 years in May 2022. Fabian Drescher, who was already a member of the presidential board, will now be Bernstein’s vice-president.

Tim Kauermann and Hans-Joachim Bläsing fill the vacant positions on the presidential board. With that, the presidential board is once again complete.

Details regarding all members of the presidential board can be found on the website of Hertha BSC.