Coldplay rock the capitalThree unforgettable shows in the Olympiastadion Berlin

Coldplay rock the capital Three unforgettable shows in the Olympiastadion Berlin

Chris Martin is a showman and a pure musician. This was known before and was clearly underlined by three Coldplay shows in the Olympiastadion Berlin. With his energy, he animates the audience to sing, jump and dance. But one after anonther.

Coldplay invited to the Olympiastadion Berlin for a total of three shows. Supporting acts were Alli Neumann, British indie-pop band London Grammar and the US-American R&B singer H.E.R. Unfortunately, German singer Zoe Wees had to cancel both of her performances at short notice due to illness. All artists knew how to heat up the audience in their own way.

Before Coldplay entered the stage, the audience was made aware of the various measures regarding sustainability, which are implemented as part of the “Music of the Spheres World Tour”. Among other things, wind turbines, kinetic dance floors and bicycle ergometers are used to generate electricity, which charges batteries that supply the energy for the secondary stages. The four musicians themselves say that they “won’t do everything right” and that the measures regarding an environmentally friendly tour are a “work in progress”. What they do right, however, is sensitize the audience to the topic of sustainability. Further content on the topic can be found on a website set up especially for the tour.

At 8:45 p.m., it was time for Coldplay to enter the stage to thunderous applause. The energy mentioned at the beginning was immediately expressed with the first song “Higher Power” from the latest studio album “Music of the Spheres”. The setlist resembled a journey through the entire musical work of the band. Songs from their newset album, aswell as classics such as “Viva la Vida”, “Paradise”, “Yellow” and “Fix You” were performed. One highlight followed the next and found its climax in “A Sky Full of Stars” when the ground in Berlin literally began to tremble.

Four earthquake measuring stations in the vicinity of the Olympiastadion reported tremors with a magnitude of 1.38 for Sunday. Fueled by this news, Chris Martin urged fans at Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s shows to jump for the fast passages of the song. The value reached 1.5 on Tuesday and 1.49 on Wednesday.

Overall, the show followed the same set list on all three days, with occasional surprises and heartwarming moments. On Sunday, Coldplay brought the Color Music Children’s Choir from Ukraine to the stage for the song “Something Just Like This”. The young choir performed the song with confidence, accompanied by Chris Martin on the guitar. On Tuesday and Wednesday, Martin intoned unexpected lines on “Magic”: “Solltest du mich fragen, ob irgendwas war / Glaube ich an magic? / Natürlich ja“, enchanting the local audience in german language.

Three shows lie behind the Olympiastadion Berlin and behind Coldplay in Berlin. While things are getting sporty again in the Olympiastadion with the upcoming Bundesliga season 2022/23, Coldplay are headed next to Paris, Brussels, London and Glasgow and overseas to South America for their final leg of the tour. If you don’t want to travel that far but can’t do without good music, we recommend the Lollapalooza Berlin in the Olympiapark & ​​Olympiastadion Berlin as this years finale of our “Konzertsommer“.


Cover photo: © Olympiastadion Berlin GmbH