Rammstein Europe Stadium Tour


Rammstein – yes, correct – RAMMSTEIN goes on tour and is coming to the Olympiastadion Berlin on June 22nd. 2019. The band with singer Till Lindemann is playing their first-ever stadium tour starting in May 2019. Whoever has seen the band’s dramatic, perfectly staged live shows, might have thought that it couldn’t get any bigger, but with Rammstein, you can be certain that the band has planned something extraordinary for these even mightier stages!

UPDATE: Special Guest will be Duo Jatekok for the upcoming Stadium Tour performing Rammstein’s “Klavier” album by 4 hands and 2 pianos. Inventive and passionate – the classical piano Duo Jatekok is considered one of the greatest at the moment, both in France and worldwide. They’ve included a wide array of music styles in their recordings and projects, such as jazz, hip hop and metal, which shows how daring and experimental they can get!


Und die Welt zählt laut bis zehn…

Public Tickets and Business Seats are sold out.  Every other vendor selling tickets for Rammstein is unauthorized! Rammstein tickets bought through an unauthorized website will not grant entrance to the show.

All tickets for Rammstein are being sold “personalized”. “Personalized” means that every ticket is tied to the person that is named on the ticket. Only this person has the visitation rights. Passing on tickets is strictly prohibited. Every costumer can purchase a maximum of six tickets.

In case of sickness or other restraints tickets bought via Eventim may be resold via fansale.de. In accordance with the general terms and conditions.

  • What is allowed, what is not allowed


    For safety reasons, it is forbidden to bring glass, PET and plastic bottles, cans, hard packaging or any objects that may be used as a throwing device (e.g. deodorant, perfume, etc.) to the venue. Therefore, these items will be collected at the entrance point.

    Bags shall be DIN A4 (21cm x 29,7cm) or smaller!
    For safety reasons it’s forbidden to bring bags bigger than DIN A4 (21cm x 29,7cm).

    To minimise the waiting periods at the entrance, we ask all concert visitors to refrain in general from the entrainment of bags.
    The access with smaller pockets (like fanny packs, little shoulder bags, clutches) is granted, nevertheless we also ask you to reduce everything on an absolutely necessary minimum (money, medicine, etc.).

    So please leave the following items at home in order to quicken the security check:

    • big bags like backpacks, tote bags, travel bag, suitcases, baskets and cooling bags
    • professional cameras with zoom objectives and/or interchangeable lens and the function to videotaping
    • audio and videotaping devices
    • light and video equipment
    • GoPro cameras
    • selfie sticks
    • electronic devices such as tablets, laptops, power banks, etc. except mobile phones
    • Food and drinks (both will be available inside the venue)
    • Chairs, stools, folding chairs
    • weapons, knives, taser, batons, pepper spray, key & wallet chains etc.
    • torches, flashlights, glow sticks, laser pointer
    • big flags and posters (incl. sticks)
    • helmets

    The following items are permitted on the stadium grounds:

    – Walkers

    Please note that children under the age of 6 years are not allowed to be on the event venue, not even if they are accompanied by a person entitled to custody. Young people under the age of 16 years are only allowed to visit the concert if they are accompanied by a person entitled to custody. For this purpose, the permission (in accordance to §1 Abs.1 No. 4 Youth Protection Act Germany) must be completed and carried at the concert.

  • Directions and Parking

    Many ways lead to the Olympiastadion Berlin. The best way to travel to the Olympiastadion Berlin is via public transport, leaving only a short walk to the stadium gates. A detailed description for tarvel by car, bicycle or by foot can be found here.

    The following parking areas are available close to the stadium:
    Olympischer Platz (at no charge), PO 4 (with costs), PO 7 (with costs)

    The parking areas directly at the Olympiastadion have limited capacities. We recommend the use of public transportation via the S- and U-Bahn.

  • Wheelchair Access

    The access routes through the East and South Gates, respectively, are recommendations only. In general, all entrance routes can be chosen individually. The concept for the support and care of guests in wheelchairs can change according to each event organizer.

    Guests in wheelchairs can easily access the lower stands via entrances in blocks C/D, G/H, J/K, N, Q/R and S/T. All seats for disabled people can be found in the inner gallery in row 41. An adequate number of kiosks and handicap-accessible bathrooms can be found in the lower stand areas as well.

    For more information please contact the concert organizer.

  • Press accreditation

    Accreditations are only available through the MCT Agentur press office: presse@mct-agentur.com