ISTAF Berlin 2023
Sunday, 03rd September 2023

World-class athletics in Berlin: the ISTAF will return to the Olympiastadion Berlin.

Tickets and more information:



  • Timetable

    The timetable for the ISTAF 2023 is yet to be released.

  • What is allowed, what is not allowed

    The following items are permitted on the stadium grounds:

    – bags/backpacks can have a size of a DIN A4 sheet or smaller. That means that small bags and backpacks are allowed. All bags and backpacks get inspected

    – You are allowed to bring little snacks as well as non-alcoholic drinks in beverage cartons (Tetra Pak) up to 1 litre capacity.

    – Walkers

    The following items are not permitted on the stadium grounds:

    – professional cameras and equipment, reflex cameras, zoom lens cameras

    – tripods

    – video cameras / audio recording devices

    – folding or camping chairs, stools

    – glass or cans

    – picnic boxes, coolers, bulky objects

    – strollers

    – animals

    – weapons of any kind

    – fireworks

    – hairspray, spray paint

    NOTICE: You can leave bags (that are not allowed in the stadium) at a truck on the “Olympischer Platz”. It will be open from 10am till 7pm. Cost: 5 euros.

  • Directions and Parking

    Many ways lead to the Olympiastadion Berlin. The best way to travel to the Olympiastadion Berlin is via public transport, leaving only a short walk to the stadium gates. A detailed description for tarvel by car, bicycle or by foot can be found here.

    The following parking areas are available close to the stadium:
    Olympischer Platz (at no charge), PO 4 (with costs), PO 7 (with costs)

    The parking areas directly at the Olympiastadion have limited capacities. We recommend the use of public transportation via the S- and U-Bahn.

  • Wheelchair Access

    Visitors driving to the stadium are asked to use the parking lot P05 (Trakehner Allee), which offers wheelchair accessible parking. You will only receive a vehicle access permit if you can present a severely handicapped pass. Please be aware of the limited availability.

    The access routes through the East and South Gates, respectively, are recommendations only. In general, all entrance routes can be chosen individually. The concept for the support and care of guests in wheelchairs can change according to each event organizer.

    Guests in wheelchairs can easily access the lower stands via entrances in blocks C/D, G/H, J/K, N, Q/R and S/T. All seats for disabled people can be found in the inner gallery in row 41. An adequate number of kiosks and handicap-accessible bathrooms can be found in the lower stand areas as well.

    For more information please visit the website:

  • Press accreditation

    Press accreditations are only available through the official ISTAF website.