Rock’n’Rollympics with the “Udonaut”at the Olympiastadion Berlin

Rock’n’Rollympics with the “Udonaut” at the Olympiastadion Berlin

The Olympic backdrop suits Udo Lindenberg well. Very well to be exact.

Udo Lindenberg flew above the spectators’ heads on a small platform attached by wires in the stadium roof and landed on stage to the sounds of his hit “Odyssee”. He smiles and signs – an image for the history books.

The 69-year-old delivered a show that lasted about three hours for his nation of “Lindians”. The spectacle included many of his longtime friends and companions, among whom Max Herre, Jan Delay, Otto Walkes, Clueso, Josephine Busch, Adel Tawil and Helge Schneider were on stage with Udo Lindenberg.

The “panic party” in front of more than 50.000 fans at the Olympiastadion Berlin proves that this is possibly the best “Udonaut” there has ever been. More “Udopia” is impossible!

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