Pyronale 2016:the 11th fireworks championship

Pyronale 2016: the 11th fireworks championship

This year’s Pyronale made sure to, once again, deliver all kinds of spectacle into the night sky above Berlin. Overall, more than 50,000 visitors came on the 9th and the 10th of September as there was perfect weather at the Maifeld which is located (right) behind the Olympiastadion Berlin. But before the fireworks show started, the Pyronale bosses Gerhard Kämpfe and Mario Hempel along with the stadium manager Timo Rohwedder proclaimed the extension of the Fireworks Championships for another five years!
Six participants from six countries competed against each other as usual. Participating were teams from France, Brazil, Portugal, Poland, Austria and Romania. The Team Pyro Events from Romania impressed the spectators and the jury the most and therefore secured this year’s overall victory.

Paff! Boom! Peng!

According to the regulations, the pyrotechnicians each had to complete a five-minute compulsory part, which consisted of one minute of fireworks without musical accompaniment in blue and green and about four minutes of fireworks to the music from the 1812 Overture (Op. 49 by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky).
Afterwards, each team gave their very best once more as they tried to convince the jury and the audience of their skills with a ten-minute freestyle including a wide variety of colors and effects, accompanied by a free choice of 73 classic works.
The glorious finale in form of the final firework on both evenings was then traditionally provided by the company “FLASH ART”. With a loud bang and a lot of color sent the Pyronale off its spectators who left with shining eyes into the summer night.