Opponents on the field,partners in event organization

Opponents on the field, partners in event organization

The Association of German stadium operators (VdS) has launched a new marketing campaign aiming to inform the public that stadiums are more than sports and football facilities, but also can be used for conferences and as event locations. The unique setting allows for the emotions of sports to be transferred to other types of events. 

It’s all in the mix! Professional functionality paired with high levels of emotion make the stadiums in Germany some of the most interesting and exciting event locations. These factors attract thousands of companies and private parties to stage their event at a stadium each year. The Association of German stadium operators has responded to the rising demand for these events and has established a special unit for events.

The unit serves as a network between the stadium event coordinators, gving them the opportunity to share experiences and concepts, but also helps the potential customers to receive a better portfolio for their event planning. The members of the events unit have also started a joint marketing and sales cooperation.

Stadiums are more than football venues

The new cooperation is advantageous not only to stadium operators, but also to the customers. The possibility to offer events on a national rather than regional scale gives event organizers an easy and fast way to find the right venue(s) for their event. The stadium operators have the possibility to exchange ideas and results in order to heighten the event standard offered. The national competence and easy procuration by the events unit simplifies the process of planing and organization not only of major events such as concerts and conferences but also the realization of smaller events such as weddings, birthday parties, small meetings or road shows that travel to all of Germany’s stadiums.

Flexibility is the key to success for stadiums as event locations. Rooms of any shape, size and finishing can be found inside a stadium and its surroundings, so all types of events regardless of the number of participants can be accommodated. Whether a high-class VIP box with a view of the pitch is wanted, the event is to be staged in a large VIP conference room, the pitch itself is to be used as the event area or a workshop should take place in the players’ locker room – creativiy knows no bounds in Germany’s stadiums. Event organizers can rejoice.

Hold your conference where others win

The “little something extra” for any event can be found at a stadium: emotions, passion, atmosphere – all of these factors can only be offered at a stadium. The national and international attention that the German Football League receives is profitable for event organizers and their guests. The high functionality of Germany’s state-of-the-art stadium is of use for events that do not have sports at its core. The events unit of the VdS and the stadium event coordinators individually are at your service for event planning on a national or regional scale.

Further information on the VdS events unit can be found at www.eventlocation-stadion.de.

Information concerning the Olympiastadion Berlin as an event location for your next conference, exhibit, product presentation or party can be found here.