Conductorin the kitchen

Conductor in the kitchen

When Tim Raue cooks, he does so with great physical exertion. The 24 participants in the DER TAGESSPIEGEL cooking course at the Cooking Club inside the Olympiastadion Berlin can attest to that.

Star chef Tim Raue stood at the stove and celebrated every step of meal preparation like a conductor the overture to an exciting concert. The four-course dinner that was served ranged from green asparagus with samlet caviar to cooked cucumbers with tarragon, Königsberger Klopse (meatballs) with mashed potatos and an apple-beetroot-salad to bee sting cake with apricots.

Tim Raue devoted himself to all courses with the same enthusiasm. Using wild gestures, he showed how meat and fish “feel” when they are prepared the wrong way, or what happens when flavors combine to the ultimate sensation of taste inside the mouth. All the while, the star chef who has received numerous awards remained grounded: His colleagues often do tastings with the use of a spoon – Raue just dunked his finger in the pot, just like many of us do at home.

The four-course menu was then consumed the way it is done at Raues restaurants as well, serving three different wines in a high class ambience. While the participants in the cooking class were involved heavily in the meal preparation, they now got a chance to sit back and enjoy the meal. The compositions on the plates were beautifully arranged by the professional sous chef team at the stadium, that had helped the participants during meal preparations with helpful tips and advice.