DFB Cupfinalein Berlin until 2025

DFB Cupfinale in Berlin until 2025

The DFB-Cupfinale for men will continue to take place in the Olympiastadion Berlin. The new contract between the DFB and the state of Berlin runs until December 31st 2025.

DFB-president Fritz Keller states: “This soccer celebration deserves a worthy package – therefore we are excited that the DFB-Cupfinale will continue to take place in the Olympiastadion Berlin. Our big hope is, of course, that we will be able to play with a full stadium in the following years. The atmosphere in the capitol city and the spirit in the stadium on finale-days are unique. Fans and players rave about this non-comparable event. Berlin and DFB-Cupfinalie just belong together.”

Micheal Müller, Berlins mayor, states: „The most important finale regarding the German-Soccercup stays in the capitol for another five years. It always is an exciting day especially for all soccer friends in the soccer-stronghold Berlin and beyond. For the sport-metropolis Berlin this agreement is a great success, because this means that our city proved itself under fair competition that we can align big sport events and bring excellent conditions. I thank all of those, who engaged themselves to help gain this sport-political success for Berlin. Our collective hope is that, annually in the future, our city can experience a weekend which is determined by the club colors of the finalists and their supporters. A requirement for this is that we can allow the event, considering the necessary rules, again.

Source: DFB