A truly specialchristmas party

A truly special christmas party

Change it up this year! Pass on the obligatory goose dinner and indulge in a truly special event for you and your guests: A christmas party at the Olympiastadion Berlin Cooking Club. 

You do not have to abstain from the christmas ambience and you will not miss out on the traditional dinner. But the Olympiastadion Berlin can offer more than the usual christmas parties.

How about a mulled wine with a rum-soaked sugar loaf lit above it and a hot spiced wine to greet your guests on the Marathon plateau? Those who have experienced it will agree that there is no better way to start off a christmas party.

Afterwards, you and your guests will make the short way to the Cooking Club inside the Olympiastadion Berlin. You will enjoy sumptuous treats while sharing the awe-inspiring view into the stadium that is under the lights just for you. Our cooks will have arranged for a banquet that is more than the usual array of goose, dumplings and red cabbage. Besides poultry, the Cooking Club can offer venison, pasta and pesto, a plethora of delicious appetizers and desserts that are “to-die-for”.

An event at the Five-Star-Stadium would not be perfect, if we would not offer you items beyond the one’s just mentioned. How about a baking class during which you make your own christmas cookies? You can offer this item as a “side event” to your christmas party, making cinnamon star cookies and other pastries and either enjoy them warm out of the oven or take them with to make someone else a gift.

Additionally, we will take you behind the scenes at the Olympiastadion Berlin. our guide will show you the areas you cannot see during sporting events and gives insights into the long and storied history of the Olympiastadion.

Of course, you can plan further attractions for your christmas party at the Olympiastadion Berlin. Our event specialist will be happy to assist.

All of the details and prices for your christmas party at the Olympiastadion Berlin can be found here.