Certification forwork and familiy

Certification for work and familiy

UPDATE: With Olympiastadion Berlin GmbH having been certified on 31 May, the official certification award ceremony took place on 25 June. As confirmation of their commitment, the employers received the certificate handed over by the patron Dr Franziska Giffey, Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, John-Philip Hammersen, Managing Director of the non-profit Hertie Foundation, and Oliver Schmitz, Managing Director of berufundfamilie Service GmbH.

Olympiastadion Berlin GmbH has been successfully certified by berufundfamilie Service GmbH as of today. berufundfamilie Service GmbH is a service provider and expert in the field of reconciling work, family and private life. Its key offer is the “berufundfamilie audit”, initiated by the non-profit Hertie Foundation. The company’s portfolio of offers and other family-conscious personnel policy objectives were defined as part of the audit. The resulting measures will be implemented within three years.

Motivated and committed employees have been the basis for Olympiastadion Berlin GmbH’s success for years. The operating company intends to successfully lead its employee and value focused personnel policy into the future with the “berufundfamilie audit”.

Existing measures (selection)

– Scope for flexible working hours to ensure that the children are cared for

– Preferred holiday planning and approval for families with children

– Offer of sports activities within the framework of a joint sports group under professional guidance

– Individual agreements on the use of parental leave

– Team building, also during the summer party with partners and children

Future measures (selection)

– Supporting our employees with organising their working hours flexibly to suit specific occasions

– Improving the work organisation, e.g. by minimising the required presence on weekends

– Introducing health promotion by supporting initiatives and establishing health issues

– Supporting our employees with organising their workplace flexibly to suit specific occasions

– Active internal and external communication to implement the objectives within the audit

– Publication of the audit objectives also in the context of job adverts and other calls for tenders

– Raising managers’ awareness for a personnel policy considering families and different phases in life

– Improving employee appraisals, especially on topics relating to reconciling work and family life

– Actively supporting employees with parental leave and carer’s leave

– Strengthening the service for families, in particular by providing initial information about care and parental leave

– Supporting staff with planning childcare and holiday care

– Supporting staff with finding housing and childcare places

Olympiastadion Berlin GmbH has been marketing and managing the Olympiastadion Berlin as a regional, national and international venue since July 2004. It is a 100% subsidiary of the State of Berlin. Olympiastadion Berlin GmbH’s business areas are essentially divided into five segments:

– Organising and hosting major events (sports, music and culture)

– Technical and infrastructural building management

– Organising and hosting corporate events

– Delivering a daily tourist programme

– Marketing the property as a film and photo location.