BIG 25 2014 –fourth-fastest time ever for the 25 km run

BIG 25 2014 – fourth-fastest time ever for the 25 km run

On Sunday, May 4, 2014, the 34th edition of the BIG 25 took place in Berlin. 11.050 participants made up the field of professional athletes and amateur running enthusiasts, ignoring the less than ideal weather conditions during this year’s run.

The World Leading time by Janet Rono from Kenya was a highlight, as she finished the race in 1:24:37. Her male counterpart, Kenyan national Abraham Cheroben also shone in the streets of Berlin’s Westside as he took a commanding lead into the Olympiastadion Berlin, finishing the race in 1:11:47, good for the fourth fastest time ever for a 25 km race.

The Olympiastadion Berlin is always ready for a new record and is looking forward the BIG 25 next year.