7.000 participantsat the

7.000 participants at the

Yesterday evening, the third edition of the B2RUN Berlin, the finale of the German company running series took place at teh Olympiastadion Berlin. More than 7.000 runners from about 450 companies registered for this year’s run. Runners included former Boxing World Champion Henry Maske, Handball national team goalkeeper Silvio Heinvetter and SAT.1 commentator Simone Panteleit. All three were ambassadors of the German company running series and started to honor the commitment of the participating companies to health promotion.

Simone Panteleit called it a win-win situation: „The runners have fun during this event, you can see that. The companies are happy that their employees are happy, healthy and fit. The employees can celebrate their performance as a team.“
The running series is also a charitable event. The foundation Verein Junge Helden e.V. will receive a portion of the B2RUN starting fees as a donation: More than 7.000 euro were raised – a valuable contribution as the foundation is mostly financed through donations.

Just like last year, the Olympiastadion Berlin opened its doors to the participants and spectators and offered a breathtaking backdrop for a finish on the world famous blue track as well as the party afterwards. Approximately 3.000 spectators also celebrated with the runners whom they had cheered on earlier during the after-run party. Colleagues, friends and families spent the evening together enjoying the party. The newly created Lounge- and Catering areas provided a perfect setting, while several commentators and DJs provided the musical backdrop. „The mood was very relaxed all around and very positive. It is amazing how each and every one here gave their best effort here at the same time!“ said Henry Maske, who truly enjoyed the evening. „You can feel the energy in this place with all these runners.  I find that very impressive!“ added Simone Panteleit. While every participant could feel like a winner, some companies took prizes hoe. Criteria were speed, team size or creativity of the participants and teams. The biggest team in Berlin was EDEKA: Almost 930 yellow clad runners provided for a colorful patch in the field of runners. This was the first time that EDEKA participated and they are one of the biggest teams to run in all of Germany. They could not quite reach the Munich team from Siemens. During the B2RUN in Munich, Siemens registered 1.163 runners, winning the title as Germanys “fittest corporation”.

he most creative team of this year’s event was voted by round of applause. Winners this year were the runners from team Deutsche Bahn: The team constructed their own steam engine with coal car and ran the track as a team. Team Deutsche Bahn was able to defend their title as the most creative team from last year. Before the finale in Berlin, they were able to qualify in online voting from all seven B2RUN events in Germany this year. An overview of all winners of the B2RUN Berlin, the overall winners of the German company running series and more information on the event series is is available at www.b2run.de.