B.E.S.T. Entertainment Service Team GmbH

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B.E.S.T. Entertainment Service Team GmbH

Is an expert in organizing events of any character and size with maximum security and excellent service. True to the philosophy “services are provided from people for people” B.E.S.T. Veranstaltungsdienste GmbH has got 3 locations (Berlin – Frankfurt – Stuttgart), take care for over 1,000 event projects annually and currently got about 2,500 employees.

Services are offered nationwide and stand for maximum security and best support. B.E.S.T. Veranstaltungsdienste GmbH creates innovative and thoughtful concepts for themes like security, visitor- and guest management and are experts in training qualified employees. All B.E.S.T. Veranstaltungsdienste GmbH staff members are very well trained and are characterized by high authority and know-how. Taking care for parking areas, access control, guest check-in solutions, attendant, carpool, security forces, cloakroom service and hostesses are a few components of the comprehensive service offered by B.E.S.T. Veranstaltungsdienste GmbH. Wellknown institutions from sports, economy and media are also among the list of customers as well as famous concert promoters and event agencies.