World Culture Festivalbegins

World Culture Festival begins

The World Culture Festival takes place as part of the 30th anniversary of the „Art of Living“ Foundation. Participants from more than 150 countries will be part of this unique event to display the amazing different cultures of the world as they are united at the Olympiastadion Berlin. All of them will take home unequaled experiences. 

The grand celebration at the Olympiastadion Berlin and the pavillions of th world on the outer areas surrounding the stadium will be filled with music, dance, food, literature and conferences. All of it will display the diversity and individual beauty of the world’s cultures: The festival will honor the norms and values of all diferent cultures and celebrate the harmony of diversity!

Leading dance and music groups from around the world will enthuse the spectators with their breathtaking shows. The grand finale and the end to the World Culture Festival will be formed by a concert of magnitude that has never been seen before. 30 pianos and 2000 guitarists will play together and a peace meditation is also planned.

The set up for the World Culture Festival is running at full speed and last preparations are being made for the event.