White-blue wins

Four minutes additional time did not help Hertha to equalize the game against Schalke 04. On the contrary: Literally within the last minute the white-blue Berliner conceded the second goal which lead to the 0:2 final result.

Nevertheless, Hertha BSC had played a good game that was characterised by the strong will to keep points in Berlin. The reason why it did not work out proves the high level on which both teams were playing at the Olympiastadion Berlin.

The first goal from Adam Szalai, Schalke 04, in the 26th minute of the game was fortunate for the guest team. If Herthas keeper Thomas Kraft and the defence would have been a bit quicker it would not have been a goal – judged the commentators on the press gallery during the break. But “if” is no criterion in football.

Still, Hertha hung in there and kept on counterattacking. Also in the second half the players of Hertha were eager to counterbalance the game. Many scoring chances had been created but failed in completing.

Within the 4 minutes additional time, Hertha gave everything, ran and fought target oriented. But all the pressure on Schalke 04 in their half was not enough. Quiet the contrary: the counterattack during the 90th minute, which led to the unexpected 0:2 marked the end of the game, in which both teams played on an equal level.

Despite of the end result all of the 69.277 spectators at the Olympiastadion Berlin should have been satisfied because the afternoon offered them a thrilling football match.

The defeated team of Berlin has one last consolation: at least their club-colours had won today…