Visitor Centreofficially opened

Visitor Centre officially opened

At 12.30 p.m. it was time clock. Chairman and CEO of the Olympic Stadium in Berlin GmbH, Secretary of State Thomas Härtel, and Joachim E. Thomas, along with architect Kemal Akay cut the red ribbon and inaugurated the modernized, completely redesigned visitor center, a ceremony. In preparation for opening the two stood side by representatives of the Olympic Stadium in Berlin Anja Baumann of the Berlin advertising agency Runze & Casper and Manfred Uhlitz, operator of the Glockenturm on the podium for journalists to answer questions. The press conference was moderated by Christopher Meyer, who was able to welcome in his capacity as spokesman for the Olympic Stadium in Berlin as well as an extremely gracious host other weather gods.

“75 Years of the Berlin Olympic Stadium – 75 Years of Olympic Games in Berlin”
Along with the opening of the new visitor center is now also implemented the concept as well as new visitors. From then on the visitors of the entire Olympia Park in Berlin is open – and this only with the purchase of a ticket! The Olympiastadion Berlin, the Glockenturm and the Olympiapark itself can now be explored on your own or visit various tours. There is much to discover on a journey through the history of the Olympic site of 1936.

Very happy were the Petersens from Denmark, where they were permitted to enter as the first guests of the new visitors centre. Before the little family went back to the far north, they still looked over the site and cast a glance into the Olympiastadion Berlin. We say: gensyn Petersen family På i Berlin!

At this point the board and management would like to say “thank you” to the citizens of Berlin and the many guests who travel every year from all over the world to Berlin to visit the Olympiastadion Berlin and its neighbors!