The chapel at the Olympiastadion Berlincelebrates its fifth anniversary

The chapel at the Olympiastadion Berlin celebrates its fifth anniversary

„The history of the chapel is a success story and the success will develop further“, emphasizes prelate Bernhard Felmberg, sports commissioner of the protestant church in Berlin-Brandenburg -schlesische Oberlausitz (EKBO) and the protestant church in German (EKD), who ministers the chapel along with his catholic colleague.

„We can reach many people who experience church at a place where they did not expect it to be. Many develop a new relationship to the church in the process“, says Felmberg, who is also appointed agent of the board of the EKD in front of the Federal Republic of Germany and the European Union.

Joachim E. Thomas, Chief Executive Officer of the Olympiastadion Berlin GmbH, sees the chapel as an important piece to the puzzle of his 365-day-a-year-real-estate. „The chapel is the heart of the Olympiastadion Berlin, an unexpected room of silence and contemplation at an often times highly emotional place. No matter if it is a professional athlete, a couple getting married or Berlin and Brandenburg’s residents – we are happy about the success of the chapel. The frequent usage of the chapel demonstrates that the architecture is exceptionally beautiful, but more importantly that the church has found the right way in how to approach people.“

Deacon Gregor Bellin, who ministers for the catholic side and celebrates the masses at the Olympiastadion, thinks that the chapel is „the most beautiful stadium chapel in the world“, where the “most interesting congregation meets – everyone from the Eastern stands of the ultras up to the Hertha BSC Berlin executive committee“.
The next highlight at the stadium is the DFB Cup Final on May 21, 2011; Felmberg and Berlin would like to welcome visitors to the chapel again then.

The chapel at the Olympiastadion Berlin was constructed according to blueprints desgined by architects professor Volkwin Marg and Uta Graff. Construction was financed by funds from the Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin as well as generous donations. Located at the heart of the Olympiastadion Berlin, it was opened with a ceremonial ecumenical service on May 20, 2006. The chapel can be requested and booked for services by private parties, companies or congregations. (Contact: 030 306 88 111). The chapel can be visited on non-event days as part of a guided tour of the Olympiastadion Berlin.