Vintage car rallyestarts

Vintage car rallye starts

It is the sixth time the Hamburg-Berlin-Klassik takes place – one of the most beautiful rallyes for vintage cars. 180 vehicles have been registered for the even. The participants come from Germany but also from many other countries, where poeple seem to enjoy restoring vintage cars. 

Starting is even possible at the last minute. In the morning hours of September 19, just before the starting flag is lowered for the first time, three last minute candidates have the chance to win the final starting spot during special points stage. All candidates should bring along a change of clothes and some time. The rallye takes three days to complete and offers a course that leads through some of the most beautiful landscapes of northern Germany.

After the drivers have received their briefing at the Olympiastadion Berlin and the vintage vehicles have been inspected, they will start. In stages, all participants will travel through Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Schleswig-Holstein to Hamburg. Rheinsberg, Fleesensee, Schwerin are just a few of the stage finishes that will be driven to.

At the finish in Hamburg, the winner will be announced on Saturday night. In order to win, you do not necessarily have to get to Hamburg as the first vehicle. The points earned in special stages earned along the way also count.

The start at the Olympiastadion Berlin is a special event for the spectators as well. All of the vintage cars will be lined up in front of the stadium – and for just five Euros, they can be viewed from a short distance and one can talk with the owners about their cars before seeing the cars off.

Current information on the preparations and the start can also be found on Facebook.