Start to 3rd BIG Kitajade -Olympiastadion Berlin donates 2.000 Euro

Start to 3rd BIG Kitajade - Olympiastadion Berlin donates 2.000 Euro

June 9th will be day-care day at the Olympiastadion Berlin: Before the 1600 kids will take over the Olympiastadion Berlin once again with their playful exercises for 3 to 5 year olds, there was a suprise: On Monday, Olympiastadion Berlin GmbH CEO Joachim E. Thomas and head of the Kitajade Mr. Peter von Löbbecke presented the day-care center at Emdener Strasse with a 2.000,- Euro cheque.

The day-care at Emdener Strasse was co-founder of the only event in Germany that develops children’s movement with a concept that is based on a pedagogical approach ot movement and exercise. The event organizer – the BIG direkt gesund health insurance company- and the Olympiastadion Berlin GmbH, would like to thank the day-care at Emdener Strasse for their great assistance in making the Kitajade a memorable event. The head of the day-care at Emdener Strasse Helga Tschitschke-Neufindt will spend the money on new toys and invest it in future projects to further develop concepts of movement suitable for children.

Further information on the 3rd BIG Kitjade 2011 will be available soon at