One day until the Ruhrpott Derbyat the Olympiastadion Berlin

One day until the Ruhrpott Derby at the Olympiastadion Berlin

Today was the first encounter for both finalists at the Olympiastadion Berlin. During the press conference at the Five-Star-Stadium, both team coaches were available to the journalists on hand.

During the first official „slugfest“ between the teams from the Ruhr area, big talk was missing. While Ralf Ragnick (coach) and Horst Heldt (manager) from Schalke 04 insisted on their role as the heavy favorite and defined their goal of the Europa League, MSV Duisburg representatives coach Milan Sasic and manager and player Ivica Grlic said there was no reason to be afraid of Schalke.

The youth team trainers from FC Hansa Rostock, Roland Kroos, and SC Freiburg, Christian Streich, both were optimistic on their chances of winning the youth cup final. Christian Streich could cap a great season as the youth team trainer. He will move up to the professional first team in Freiburg for the upcoming season.

The DFB Cup final is the second most important trophy in German national football, second only to the German Championship. The cup has been decided between club teams since 1935. The location for the final has often changed in the past, but since 1985, the cup final has been played at the Olympiastadion Berlin. In 2011, the contract with the DFB to keep the cup final in Berlin was extended for another five years until 2015. We are looking forward to at least five more cup finals for the second most important trophy in German professional football at the Olympiastadion Berlin.