Herbert Grönemeyer is coming -set up begins!

Herbert Grönemeyer is coming - set up begins!

Schiffsverkehr! That is the title of Herbert Grönemeyers new album. The title translates to “shipping traffic”. The musician from Bochum will present the new album to his fans at the Olympiastadion Berlin this coming Sunday. There is no shipping traffic, but lots of work traffic happening at the stadium for the upcoming concert. 

The blue track inside the stadium is being covered by special boards in order to protect it from the visitors in the infield. The green is also being covered in the next few days to protect the holy turf. The staircase that will bring up to 25.000 spectators to the infield has already been installed in the eastern stands, where seats were removed to make room for the staircase. Up next, the stage will be constructed. There is lots of work left to do before the Olympiastadion Berlin will show another of its many different faces on Sunday.

Another highlight of the 2011 summer is coming. The Olympiastadion Berlin looks forward to Herbert Grönemeyer and would like to wish all fans and guests a good time and a fantastic concert experience!