US Cars shoneat the Olympiastadion Berlin

US Cars shone at the Olympiastadion Berlin

Polished chrome rims shone in the sun and deep, rich motor sounds filled the air during the Street Mag Show at the Olympiastadion Berlin this past weekend. Many people from in and around Berlin came to see mostly historic automobiles from across the pond. The event organizers of the Street Mag Show had invited car owners from all across Europe to the capital for the first time in nine years.

The familiar atmosphere and beautiful weather made for a perfect weekend for fans of the 50s and 60s as they came to see the “beauties”from times past. Some vehicles were presented to the audience on a specially constructed stage and the owners told stories and anecdotes about their cars. The event was rounded out by music during the early evening hours – Rock ´N Roll underneath the Olympic Rings. Next to the four-wheeled vehicles, some motorcycles were also on display as they surely could not be missed at a car show like this one.

The organizers do not want another nine years to pass since the last Street Mag Show in Berlin. Next year, the American Way of Life is supposed to return to the Olympiastadion Berlin for a weekend.