Girls’ Day at theOlympiastadion Berlin

Girls’ Day at the Olympiastadion Berlin

Girls’ Day around the Olympiastadion Berlin: Together with Hertha BSC, a big tour of discovery was the order of the day – including a peek behind the scenes of the five-star stadium. The pupils, whose ages ranged from 10 to 17, discovered various areas of the stadium – from the famous East Stand above the Honorary Hall with its atrium and right up to the side of the sacred pitch, the girls received an insight into the history and the day-to-day business of one of the most famous stadiums in the world. However, in addition to the stadium tour, the participants also gained an insight into the various areas of activity of a professional football club. For the girls in Year 5 and above, the day at the Berlin football club began at the training pitch, where they got to meet and exchange high fives with the players and coaches. To finish, the girls received some input with regard to career choices: in the centre for sports medicine, the academy’s athletics coach, Claudia Wallenta, set aside some time for the younger generation and, with the help of some demonstrations, explained what her job entails.

On Girls’ Day, companies, businesses and institutes of higher education across Germany open their doors to female pupils from Year 5 and above. In these establishments, the girls are familiarised with training professions and courses of study in fields such as IT, skilled crafts and trades, the sciences and technology, where women have – until recently – tended to be less well-represented. Or they come face to face with female role models who occupy leadership positions in the world of business and politics.