Depeche Mode are playingat the Olympiastadion Berlin in 2013

Depeche Mode are playing at the Olympiastadion Berlin in 2013

Berlin, 23.10.2012: Depeche Mode, the most subversive electronic pop band, present their most ambitious live event with their 2013 World Tour. Experience Dave Gahan, Martin Gore and Andy Fletcher live on June 9, 2013 at the Olympiastadion Berlin.

Tickets for Depeche More are available at the Visitor Centre at October 27, 2012 or online
Lounges and Business Seats are available at October 27, 2012 on our website.


The band that has kept reinventing itself has reached dimensions that are usually reserved for rock history with their 15 million concert spectators. Their last show at the Olympiastadion Berlin in 2009 remains unforgettable. The shows have developed into festivals of collective euphoria and unconditional love for the band.

Just in time for the start of the tour, the new and anxiously awaited 13th studio album will be released. The album follows the hypnotic “Sounds of the Universe” that reached No 1 in 21 countries and included the hit single „Wrong“.

Depeche Mode have kept posing riddles to the world of music. They are viewed as a sort of Sphinx of pop music with their wide-ranging synthesizer sounds and a visual aesthetics that is unique. During the course of their amazing and lasting career in the music business, they have seen all the highs and lows. The love and passion the fans show to the band is simply amazing. The fans see the band as untouchable for critics. This sympathie has nothing to do with nostalgia, trends or zeitgeist. More so it is an expression of a lasting meaning and importance that articulates itself in the musical masses that are celebrated with the masses.

There are quite a few experts that see Depeche Mode as a total work of art comprised of studio records, artwork, graphics, videos and stage performances with their cinematic analogies. The heroes of a melancholic and distanced romanticism understood to reinvent themselves constantly as artists. The phenom and the popularity of the band have not suffered through any of their metamorphoses. Whilst many of their companions in music were „one hit wonders” or not much more, the status of cult applied more grew more and more for Depeche Mode.