Concert cancelled: Bon Jovi not playingat Olympiastadion Berlin

Concert cancelled: Bon Jovi not playing at Olympiastadion Berlin

From the large stadium to a small stage

The organizer for the Bon Jovi concert has cancelled the show at the Olympiastadion Berlin. Instead, the concert will take place at the Waldbühne, next to the Olympiastadion. The American Rock band’s event is still scheduled for 6.00 p.m. on June 18, 2013.

Further, the organizer says, „all tickets that have been purchased…remain valid, the categories for tickets of the Olympiastadion will be transferred to the Waldbühne, offering same or higher level category seats.“

Ticketholders that do not want to move from the Olympiastadion Berlin with its 74.244 seats to the Waldbühne with the maximum capacity of 22.300, can return and receive a refund for their ticket by visiting the ticket point where they purchased their concert tickets.