Culinary creations of future generations –Food-themed value weeks

Culinary creations of future generations – Food-themed value weeks

The food-themed value weeks (“Wertewochen Lebensmittel”) focus on the up and coming generation of children and teenagers this year. Focal points are the joy of eating while also staying conscious of and handling of healthy foods. Professional chef Felicitas Then supervises as the children and teenagers whittle, cook and bake at the Cooking Club at the Olympiastadion Berlin. She explains how to prepare the foods but also where they come from and how they are produced.

There is no limit to creativity as various working stations invite the chefs of tomorrow to bake, whittle, press fresh juices, etc. Once the foods are prepared, they are presented to a jury for tasting and grading.

The Cooking Club at the Olympiastadion Berlin offers young professionals of the culinary arts all of the technical equipment, tools and atmosphere to get creative while enjoying a view unlike any other into Hertha BSC’s “living room”.


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