Hertha BSC – Hamburger SV

Hertha BSC home game

2. Bundesliga
Round 20 of the 2023/2024 season
Saturday, February 03rd, 2024
Opening stadium grounds: 6:30 pm
Kick-Off: 8:30 pm

The following items are permitted on the stadium grounds:

– Walkers

– alcohol-free drinks with a size of max. 1 Liter (Tetra Pak)

The following items are not permitted on the stadium grounds:

– professional cameras and equipment, reflex cameras, zoom lens cameras

– tripods

– food or drinks of any kind

– video cameras / audio recording devices

– folding or camping chairs, stools

– glass or cans

– picnic boxes, coolers, bulky objects

– strollers

– animals

– weapons of any kind

– fireworks

– hairspray, spray paint


Modified pocket regulation: In the Olympiastadion Berlin, bags must have a size smaller than a normal A4 sheet (297mm x 210mm) with a maximum depth of 15 cm.

Further information can be found on the Hertha BSC website.

The current house rules of the Olympiastadion Berlin GmbH apply.

For information on handicap tickets for severely disabled persons with characteristic B, deaf persons, blind/visually impaired persons and wheelchair users, please contact barrierefrei@herthabsc.de or check out the FAQ section on the website of Hertha BSC right here.

Hertha BSC visitors driving to the stadium are asked to use the parking lot P05 (Trakehner Allee), which offers wheelchair accessible parking. You will only receive a vehicle access permit if you can present a severely handicapped pass. Please be aware of the limited availability.

The access routes through the East and South Gates, respectively, are recommendations only. In general, all entrance routes can be chosen individually. The concept for the support and care of guests in wheelchairs can change according to each event organizer.

Guests in wheelchairs can easily access the lower stands via entrances in blocks C/D, G/H, J/K, N, Q/R and S/T. All seats for disabled people can be found in the inner gallery in row 41. An adequate number of kiosks and handicap-accessible bathrooms can be found in the lower stand areas as well.

Accreditations are only available through Hertha BSC. More information here.




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Block B
Block C
Block D
Block E
Block F
Block G
Block H
Block S
Block T
Block J
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Block L
Block M
Block N
Block O
Block P
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Business Lounge F
Business Lounge E
Executive Club D
Stone Foyer
Hall of Fame
Marble Foyer
Business Lounge B Left
Business Lounge B Right
Business Lounge A
Lodges 30–45
Lodges Ehrentribüne 48–52
Lodges Ehrentribüne 53–57
Lodges 58–71
Cooking Club
Business Lounge M Right
Business Lounge M Left
Business Lounge O Right
Business Lounge O Left
Executive Club P
Lodges 1–15
Lodges 16–29

Partner & Patrons