Udo Lindenberg live at the Olympiastadion Berlinin July 2015

Udo Lindenberg live at the Olympiastadion Berlin in July 2015

He took flight in Leipzig two weekends ago and once again hovered above the 100.000 fans inside the stadium in his astronaut suit into the night sky! However, that was not the end of the “panic mission”! Udo Lindenberg has granted his control center permission to release new information on future adventures: “After travelling to the hot East and the Wild West it’s now time to travel to the cool north, the rock-crazy central areas and our capital of this colorful republic!” The astronaut has to move on – the fans are calling for him vehemently – and the “panic president” responds to the calls of the people.

In 2015, the rocket launches into several German cities! First, the “Udonaut” will hover into the HDI Arena on July 10, 2015. Just four days later, the rocket will take aim at the Olympiastadion Berlin before the engines will catapult the rocket into the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt on July 18, 2015.

Approximately 200.000 fans flocked to the four stadium concerts in Düsseldorf and Leipzig to see Udo Lindenberg and his crew. This marked a new record attendance for the “panic president’s” already stellar career achievements. The German rock pioneer is looking to crown his lifetime achievements with this concert tour.    

Udo Lindenberg 2015 tour dates:

10th July 2015 Hannover – HDI arena

14th July 2015 Berlin – Olympiastadium

18th July 2015 Frankfurt – Commerzbank Arena

Exclusive presales begin on Wednesday, June 25, 2014 at 9:00 am online at www.eventim.de, general ticket sales begin on Monday, June 30, 2014. Tickets are available at all ticket offices as well as the Olympiastadion Berlin visitor center! More information is available on our Facebook page Olympiastadion Berlin.