The “AOK-Kitajade” 2014at the Olympiastadion Berlin

The “AOK-Kitajade” 2014 at the Olympiastadion Berlin

The AOK-Kitajade is, however, not about breaking records or winning championships as would be usual business at the Olympiastadion Berlin. The AOK-Kitajade is designed to teach children about passion for sports while giving them the opportunity to playfully release their energy. The breathtaking location – the infield of the Olympiastadion Berlin – is the perfect backdrop for the children, the kindergarten teachers and families to experience the aura of the stadium and the records broken here as well as letting their emotions run free.

Para-balloons, a Hertha BSC football station, hurdle races and many more activities are planned. Christian Bahrmann of the German kids TV station “KI.KA” will also be present to rehearse a dance choreography with the children.

Further information on the event and how you and your day-care center or kindergarten can be part of the “AOK-Kitajade” can be found here: