Sascha sprays the field markingsonto the holy green

Sascha sprays the field markings onto the holy green

Today, the Berliner Rundfunk realised an extraordinary dream of one of its loyal listeners. Sascha Förster from Berlin was the lucky winner. He was the first “ordinary person” ever who was allowed to mark the penalty spot and the lines for the corner kick as well as the kick-off for the upcoming match of Hertha BSC against Bayern München (17.03.2012). Greenkeeper Alan Cairncross and his team strictly supervised the newcomer and useful tips were given from the experts.

Simon Kolbe, moderator of the Berliner Rundfunk and the show “Simon macht’s möglich” (Simon makes it possible), thus fulfilled a long-awaited wish of Sascha Förster, a dedicated Berliner Rundfunk listener. To step on the holy green and to stand on the kick-off point of the Olympiastadion Berlin, unimaginable for Sascha Förster for a long time. At 11 am sharp it was finally time to mark. The 42 year old started spraying the white chalk onto the green field under the guidance of the Greenkeeper team. The professional driver and committed Hertha BSC fan wasn’t able to hide his excitement, nevertheless, he performed his task very accurate and with calm hands.

Will it bring Hertha BSC good luck? That will be revealed in tomorrow’s match (Saturday, 17.03.2012), when Otto Rehhagel’s team welcomes Bayern München. The show “Simon macht’s möglich” with the listener’s dream come true will be broadcasted on Monday via the Berliner Rundfunk.