Safety NotesU2 concert

Safety Notes U2 concert

Increased Security Measures at the U2 concert at the Olympiastadion Berlin, July 12nd 2017. Please pay attention to the following advice:

+++ Ban of Bags, Backpacks and Larger Handbags as well as Helmets +++ Additional, Stricter Screening and Pat Down Search +++

Recent terror attacks and threats make increased security measures at all concerts necessary. Especially open air and arena events are subject to stricter controls. All visitors will be checked. Bags, backpacks and larger handbags as well as helmets and containers of all kinds are prohibited. The audience must refrain from carrying larger bags and backpacks and any belongings shall be restricted to essential items such as mobile phones, keys, wallets as well as any vital medication and cosmetics carried in fanny packs or small cosmetic bags. Compliance with these rules and guidelines as well as punctual arrival will help to organize a speedy entry procedure.

All concertgoers shall report suspicious objects or behavior immediately to the police or the security staff without endangering themselves. The police will be present in order to support the measures by screening the site.

Please pay also attention to the House Rules of the Olympiastadion Berlin.

You can find more information about the event on the promoter’s website Live Nation