Safety NotesGuns N' Roses concert

Safety Notes Guns N' Roses concert

Increased Security Measures at the Guns N’ Roses concert. Please pay attention to the following advice from the concert organizer Live Nation Entertainment:

Ban of Bags, Backpacks and Larger Handbags as well as Helmets. All visitors will be checked.  The audience must refrain from carrying larger bags and backpacks and any belongings shall be restricted to essential items such as mobile phones, keys, wallets as well as any vital medication and cosmetics carried in fanny packs or bags not bigger than DIN A4. Compliance with these rules and guidelines as well as punctual arrival will help to organize a speedy entry procedure.


– No weapons

– No recording Equipment, SOUND or VIDEO

– No professional nor semiprofessional Cameras, STILL or DIGITAL

– No bottles

– No cans

– No glass containers (of any kind)

– No fireworks

– No alcoholic beverages

– No chains (of any kind)

– No laser pens or laser pointers

– No go Pro cameras, iPad or tablets

– No selfie sticks

– Any other item/s deemed to be offensive or of risk

– No posters, banners, signs of ANY kind are allowed.


The tour requires a FULL POUR of ALL beverages.

It is the sole responsibility of The PROMOTER, VENUE and local security personnel to ensure when any of these items found inside the performance area will be promptly removed and if deemed necessary, properly discarded and the associated risks eliminated.


This is a NO PROFESSIONAL CAMERA show, PROMOTER and VENUE shall make available sufficient search staff and storing facilities, to ensure that this policy is upheld and enforced. Promoter and Venue shall make every effort available to advice the ticket purchaser of the NO PROFESSIONAL CAMERA and GoPro policy prior to the event.

The PROMOTER shall not permit any person or entity to broadcast, record, film, photograph, or tape, in any manner for any reason whatsoever, any performance of the engagement without the express prior permission of the ARTIST or their representatives. PROMOTER shall use all, reasonable security measures and actions to prevent any such activity.

The following items are permitted on the stadium grounds:

– walkers

The current house rules of the Olympiastadion Berlin GmbH apply.