"Rock or Bust World Tour" -AC/DC live at Olympiastadion Berlin

"Rock or Bust World Tour" - AC/DC live at Olympiastadion Berlin

AC/DC, the legendary rock band from Australia, comes back to the Olympiastadion Berlin after their unforgettable concert in 2010. The band will rock the stage on 25 June 2015 with their “Rock or Bust World Tour.” Stephie Young will be on the stage for the first time. In September 2014, the nephew of founding member Malcolm Young replaced his uncle, who had left the band after 41 years for health reasons.

Save your VIP tickets for a spectacular evening at Olympiastadion Berlin! Public tickets for the standard price of 80€ can be purchased via www.eventim.de and at all established booking offices, from Monday, 15 December 2014 at 4 pm.

AC/DC is one of the most successful bands ever: 200 millions of sold albums worldwide! 250,000 sold albums of “Rock or Bust” in one week in Germany! In 2009, the band broke all records in Germany: Both concert hall tour and stadium tour were sold out immediately. All in all, AC/DC fascinated more than 450,000 fans.

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