Olympiastadion Berlinreceives ecoprofit certificate

Olympiastadion Berlin receives ecoprofit certificate

In the Berlin offices of the representation of the state of Baden Württemberg, all FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011 stadia were awarded a certificate as part of the environmental campaign Green Goal. The certificate was awarded by Claudia Roth, who, next to her job as national chairwoman of the Green party Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, also is the chairwoman of the environmental advisory board of Green Goal 2011.

Green Goal is the environmental program of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011 and has set its goal to stage a tournament that is “climate fair”. The reduction and elimination of environmental pollution as well as the conservation of energy and resources stand at the top of the list of goals. This is where the stadia come in! Taking action in conserving energy and CO² emissions are only a part of the active contributions to environmental protection. „The Olympiastadion Berlin was able to reduce the CO² emissions by 46 tons per year just by reducing the electric tension of the power transformers. And we saved money in the process too: we now need 10.000.- € less to finance our energy budget. “, said Sylvan Bandke, technical director of the Olympiastadion Berlin.

Another very important aspect is the sensitization of the public to the program. Green Goal asks spectators, actives and those in charge to deal with the set of problems of environmental protection and climate change and to actively promote awareness and be active in the advancement of the situation. Just like football, environmental protection has a golden rule: Only as a team is there a chance to be successful!

During the certification process, that is accompanied and overssen by the Arqum company, five workshops with the topics of environmental policy, renewable energy sources, waste, water as well as environmental controlling, management and acquisition were being held.

The main idea of “Green Goal 2011” includes the five key areas of water, waste, catering, energy and mobility. Staging a climate and environmentally friendly tournament in all stadia shall be achieved through the use of regenerative and environmentally friendly energy production, a reduction of the amount of waste that is produced, and the implementation and use of an intelligent and climate friendly mobility concept.