Mario Barth gets punkedby the candid camera

Mario Barth gets punked by the candid camera

Usually screwing a celebrity for the TV-show “Verstehen Sie Spaß?” takes an hour to film. With Mario Barth it was different. For hours, half a day precisely, they made him look like a fool In the Olympiastadion Berlin. Good fun that will be shown on ARD, Saturday, 23.11.2013, 8.15 pm.

Huge effort was needed to fool the comedian, who will try to assemble 100.000 spectators at the Olympiastadion on the 7th and 8th of June 2014 for setting a new world record. The team of Mario Barth had organized a meeting on the hall of honours of the stadium to plan the big event. But it was a trap and everybody, except the artist, had been informed.

All of Barth’s ideas for a sensational stadium-show had been rejected and declared as not realisable in the meeting. The scenery, an airport, would not fit the current image campaign of Berlin. Fireworks were too high of a risk. The discussion went on for hours and the comedian turned to be increasingly desperate, which is absolutely worth watching.

Filming for hours hadn’t been easy for the team. In the hall of honours camera men hid behind dressing tables with one-sided transparent mirrors. Even in the stadium, cameras with telephoto lenses were hidden, wrapped in dark shawls, so no light reflection would reveal what was going on.

In the end, the huge effort was worth it. The coup with the hidden cameras worked out and Mario Barth was relieved to find out, that nothing will get in his way for organizing the spectacular event.

Here you can see the prank (in german):