Initiative Sprungbrett Zukunft –Sport und Karriere

Initiative Sprungbrett Zukunft – Sport und Karriere

By participating in the Sports Aid initiative “Sprungbrett Zukunft – Sport und Karriere” the Olympiastadion Berlin will make significant contributions to improve the prospects of personal growth for Germany’s best athletes. The everyday life of most Sports Aid-funded athletes is often characterized by the great challenge to balance elite sports, education and working life. On the other hand, the athletes inspire Germany with their international successes and strengthen Germany’s reputation around the world. Paying respects to these achievements, the Olympiastadion Berlin is proud to offer flexible solutions to world class athletes to enter the workplace, supporting the claim that a professional sports career should not be disadvantageous in the working world and for professional careers at later stages.

The Olympiastadion Berlin will give valuable insight into working life to top athletes by offering “short-term internships”, as more time is often unavailable due to tightly filled schedules often consisting of training and competition phases. Through the internships, athletes are able to further develop skills in accordance to their interests and talents while networking and establishing understanding of the industry.

With the so-called “password-application” the Olympiastadion Berlin supports top athletes in this particular situation. The combination of competitive sports and education is an enormous double burden that brings with it many increased standards and a variety of restrictions that the athletes are held to. The Olympiastadion Berlin is aiming to even the playing field for top athletes by taking these facts into account during the application process.