Future of the Olympiapark Berlin -an idea is presented

Future of the Olympiapark Berlin - an idea is presented

Hertha BSC chairman of the board Bernd Schiphorst initiated a meeting of experts including the State Secretary of the Interior and Sports, Thomas Härtel, the CEO of the Olympiastadion Berlin Joachim E. Thomas, and stadium architect Jochen Köhn that presented ideas and usage concepts of the Olympiapark Berlin premises. The study “Future of the Olympiapark Berlin” was presented during a Tagesspiegel discussion round at the club house at the Olympiapark. Tagesspiegel editor in chief Stephan-Andreas Casdorff moderated the discussion. 
It is a survey of the large potential that lies within this unusual sports complex. At the same time it is an invitation to investors, athletes and decision makers from politics and economy as well as all of the people who might be interested in thinking about the future of the Olympiapark Berlin.


Jewel with potential
„The sports world envies Berlin for this gem we have here“, knows Bernd Schiphorst. He reminds that the Olympiapark Berlin was used extensively during the FIFA World Cup 2006 and the IAAF World Championships in Athletics 2009 and it was for the world to see. Schiphorst adds: „But not all the facilities, space and buildings were used and are still not in use. The potential is far from exhausted.“

State Secretary Thomas Härtel outlines the task: „The great challenge lies in creating a plethora of usages for the Olympiapark, further developing and conserving the area as a significant building and garden monument and bring all of that into tune with the modern and historic context and character of the complex.“

Five areas of interest
The study “Future of the Olympiapark Berlin” is documented in a brochure that outlines and includes five areas of interest to the reader: Next to the “Mythical world”, in which the historic context is described wtih the beginnings of the horse racing track in 1906, the “World of Events” is described in context with the Olympiastadion Berlin. The “World of clubs” includes Hertha BSC as its most popular representative, while the “Water world” includes the Olympic swimming pool and other little-known facilities. Last but not least, the “World of health” describes the recreational space and usage of teh Olympiapark.

The public rarely has gotten the chance to explore all of the facilities, and so they are rather unknown in the public eye. The area between the Waldbühne and the Olympischer Platz, Murellenschlucht and S-Bahn station Olympiastadion was under British occupation for several decades and not accessible to the public. Since the British forces have overturned control of the area back to the State of Berlin, it is now partially being used by sports clubs and health related institutions.

Reputation for Berlin
Olympiastadion CEO Joachim E. Thomas: „Berlin developed the Olympiastadion Berlin into a five star stadium and thus established itself amongst the top event locations in the world. The city can take the next step in the sports world by developing the Olympiapark into an attractive and multifunctional area that surrounds the stadium.“

Architect Jochen Köhn sees very excellent existant conditions in the substance of the area: „Many of the buildings and facilities can be modernized and extended at little or at least maintainable cost, so the Olympiapark can be infused with new life step by step.“

Food for thought for investors
The roundtable of experts wishes to develop a usage concept with the current users, tenants, sports organizations and potential investors. Härtel: „All of us know, that the State of Berlin can only realize the full potential of the area with private investors if there is to be an optimized plan.“

The documentation „Zukunft Olympiapark Berlin“ describes the current state of the park and the potential for development. It is mainly food for thought and discussion and an inspiring foundation for people who wish to take part in the development of Berlin’s most beautiful sports complex to come forward with ideas.