Depeche Mode rockin’in the rain

Depeche Mode rockin’ in the rain

Many people will keep the 22. June 2017 in mind for a long time, maybe even forever. It was an unforgettable night in the Olympiastadion Berlin when Depeche Mode constrained the crowd into goosebumps in the pouring rain. The Berliner Morgenpost newspaper reported in the aftermath: It was probably the best concert of this summer in Berlin.

In front of 70.000 spectators, Depeche Mode and its front man Dave Gahan delivered a powerful show that didn’t leave any people calm and collected in their seats. In the middle of the show, when it started to rain and flashes of lightning flickered over the arena, the atmosphere exploded. For sure, the vibe of the Global Spirit Tour 2017 will reverberate for a long time. We say Thank You for an unforgettable night.