Contract extension for the rentalof German stadiums

Contract extension for the rental of German stadiums

The German Football Association (DFB) and the Association of German stadium operators (VDS) have signed a framework contract for the rental of German stadiums for the DFB during National Team matches. The contract was signed at the DFB Men’s National Team match against Poland in Hamburg, Germany. 

DFB President Wolfgang Niersbach and General Secretary Helmut Sandrock signed the contract for the DFB, while Joachim E. Thomas (CEO of the Olympiastadion Berlin), Christian Hockenjos (Director Organization and authorized officer for Borussia Dortmund) and Jürgen Muth (CEO of the Allianz Arena in Munich) signed as members of the board for the VDS.

The framework contract lays out specific requirements for stadiums in order to host National Team matches. These requirements include but are not limited to the quality and condition of the pitch, ticketing, access control systems, lighting, power supplies, comfort and number of working stations for media representatives, requirements for parking and marketing of VIP areas. Rental fees are also fixed in the contract.

“The standard for National Team matches in Germany’s stadiums has always been at a high level, but we have now secured an even higher standard for the coming years. Everyone will profit- fans, media and sponsors”, said DFB General Secretary Helmut Sandrock. “The cooperation with the VDS has always been defined by mutual respect and trust. We can only confirm these impressions from the uncomplicated negotiations for this contract.”

The contract duration is set for two years with an extension clause for an additional two years.