Congress for expertsin high-performance sports

Congress for experts in high-performance sports

The motto of the 10th symposium was „Sporting accidents are not a destiny”. For that matter the focus was sharpened on the prevention and the rehabilitation of these accidents. Again, hosts of the convention had been the Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin (emergency hospital) and the statutory accident insurance VBG.

In the morning, sport physicians, orthopaedists, physiotherapists and psychologists as well as coaches and team physicians have met to honour the foundation ZNS-Hannelore-Kohl-Stiftung, which was established 30 years ago. Their president, the federal minister of family, seniors, women and children Dr. Kristina Schröder, highlighted the importance of prophylaxis for young athletes. “Prevention and early diagnoses help to prevent possible late sequels and therefore boost the professional athletes of tomorrow. “

In the upcoming year the organisers plan to start an event called: „Don’t be a dummy“. With the help of this, professional football clubs shall be supported sustainably on „how to avoid cost-intensive and serious accidents” Prof. Bernd Petri from the VBG announced.