Athletes sign declarationfor fair sports

Athletes sign declaration for fair sports

Today, Heiko Maas, Minister of Justice and Consumer Protection, presented the bill against doping in sports to the public at Olympiastadion Berlin. The bill includes, for example, the possibility of a prison sentence for the purchase and possession of doping substances for oneself.

The athletes Christina Obergföll and Heinrich Popow, the cyclists John Degenkolb, Marcel Kittel, and Tony Martin, and the handballer Paul Drux signed a declaration for fair sports in the presence of Minister Maas at Olympiastadion Berlin. Other renowned athletes who have signed the declaration include table tennis player Timo Boll, ski racer Felix Neureuther, and shot-put world champion David Sporl. Many other athletes are expected to follow these initial signers.

On Wednesday, Heiko Maas and Minister of the Interior Thomas de Maizière had first presented the bill against doping in sports.