76.000 bid farewellto the second division

76.000 bid farewell to the second division

On Sunday, May 15, 2011, Hertha BSC will meet FC Augsburg for their final home game of the second division of the Bundesliga and will return to the first division for the start of the 2011/2012 season. 76.000 fans will be at the Olympiastadion Berlin to celebrate the second division championship and bid farewell to the second division.

Thanking Berlins fans in front of a worthy backdrop. The Olympiastadion Berlin seats 74.244 spectators. That is a noteworthy number of people in the landscape of international arenas and stadia – but it still be topped! In order to boost the stadium capacity, an additional mobile stand is being constructed at the marathon gate plateau. When Hertha BSC take the field this weekend to face FC Augsburg, 76.000 spectators will gather at the Olympiastadion Berlin. The match has already been sold out for several weeks and both teams have reason to celebrate as they will both move up to the first division. The guests from Bavaria only theoretically could remain in the second division if they lost by more than 21 goals. Such as the situation is, both teams are practically the two teams to move up a division after the 2010/11 season.